The Society for Systematic Regional Geography (SSRG / Chiiki Chiri Kagakukai) was founded in 1991 at Okayama and is devoted to promoting researches on various aspects of geography including geographical education in Japan.

The Society holds regular major meeting and conference once a year in June or July. Papers and posters in various fields of geography are presented and a symposium on a specified topic is organized. Smaller meetings are also held on particular subjects several times a year.

Journal of Systematic Regional Geography (Chiiki-Chiri-Kenkyu) ISSN 0918-9912
The Society publishes the Journal of Systematic Regional Geography (Chiiki-Chiri-Kenkyu).
Many articles are contributed by various geographers to introduce new aspects and original researches that make this journal important and bring a distinctive feature within the field of similar research sources.
The papers, written mostly in Japanese with English abstract, provide attractive and basic information of geographical researches. Also, titles of many previous articles (or research notes) and the themes of symposia are listed in further pages of the journal as the back numbers of Setouchi Geographical Journal and Journal of Systematic Regional Geography.

Full member: Annual fee of 5,000 yen. Privileges include:
Subscription to the Journal of Systematic Regional Geography
Contribution of articles
Participation in the meetings of SSRG
Suffrage of the board members of SSRG

Student discount: Undergraduate and graduate students can get the privilege of discount with the annual fee of 2,000 yen and enjoy most of the privileges of full members. However, the privileges do not include the right of the election.

We invite you and look forward to your applications to full/student membership of the Society for Systematic Regional Geography or a subscription of the Journal of Systematic Regional Geography.

Please fill out an application form and send it to the SSRG office. After SSRG accepts your application, please pay the annual fee (5,000 yen for a full member, 2,000 yen for a student member) as cash or transfer from postal service.
You can download the application form formatted in WORD document. Please click here.

The office of the Society has been located at Okayama University since its establishment.
Any information on the society is available more in detail from the secretariat.

The Society for Systematic Regional Geography
Department of Geography, Faculty of Letters, Okayama University,
3-1-1 Tsushima-naka, Okayama 700-8530, Japan